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BASIC FLOW Breaking down the basics is essential to growing your asana practice! In Basic Flow, we break down alignment, balance, modifications, sun salutations & more so you can take ownership of your practice and explore how the poses fit in your unique physique! This class is perfect for yogis of all levels!


CANDLELIGHT FLOW End your day in a mellow way. With a dimly lit room, mellow tunes, and grounded poses, Candlelight Flow will help you unwind, refresh and relax. Great for all levels.


FLOW & RESTORE Half Vinyasa Flow, Half Yin/Restorative you will build some heat to open up the tissues of the body so you can go deep with yin & restorative poses. You will leave feeling relaxed & refreshed! Suitable for all yogis!


MIXED-LEVEL FLOW Be prepared to move in this fun multi-level class that is great for all yogis looking for a challenge. Our instructors will keep you safe by teaching you proper alignment as you explore your practice. This class will offer modifications for all levels of yogis looking to be challenged and of course, have some fun!


POWER FLOW With a combination of longer holds and one-breath-per-movement flow, you will find this class challenging and fun! Class is usually heated to 85-90 degrees to encourage sweat, and focuses on core, alignment and breath! Suitable for all yogis looking for a challenge & a little sweat!


Strala RELAX a moving flow that releases tension throughout your entire body and mind. Every deep inhale creates more space in the body. Every deep exhale moves you right into that new space. The deeper you breathe, the more you open up. You will sweat and leave with a sense of peace in body and mind. This class is suitable for all yogis!


Strala STRONG a moving flow that builds strength, balance, and flexibility evenly in the body while resting the focus calmly on the breath. We move with ease, whether the movement is challenging or simple. This class allows you to accomplish “hard poses” easily and efficiently, leaving space for the mind to get calm, centered, and focused. Suitable for Yogis looking for a challenge!


STRONG FLOW This 90 minute class focuses on deepening & strengthening  your practice. Here you will dive into arm balances, inversions, challenging your balance & becoming more aware of your pranayama practice! Be prepared to move & sweat as you explore the depths of your asana practice. Each class ends with savasana & seated meditation. This class is suitable for yogis looking to deepen, strengthen and challenge their existing practice.


VINO & VINYASA Come to Yogi Happy hour! 60 min Mixed-level vinyasa flow first, then WINE (or tea!) on us! Most weeks our instructors & subs rotate teaching this class so they have an opportunity to mingle with and get to know YOU better! You’ll love trying out a new teacher & the vino isn’t so bad either! All Yogis welcome, even if vino isn’t your thing!


WAKE-UP CALL Start your day the yogi way! This 60 min Mixed-Level power flow will get you focused & balanced for your day! With an emphasis on alignment based movement this class is suitable for all Yogi’s, especially those looking to move & sweat!


YIN FLOW A combination of Yin postures & vinyasa flow, this class will move you into a state a deep relaxation & flexibility of body and mind. A yin practice is amazing for those looking to release tight muscles & emotional blocks! Suitable for yogis of all levels.


STRETCH & RESTORE FOR ATHLETES With targeted stretches and asanas this class is perfect for aspiring or accomlished athletes, anyone in active injury recovery or beginners looking to deepen their awareness of the body. This class will empower your physical lifestyle helping you build endurance, strength and speed. This class focuses on learning how to keep joints stable & safe, developing mental focus on & off the mat, increasing body awareness and enhancing the body’s natural ability to heal through yoga.




BENDS & BOOZE Enjoy FREE Yoga every Sunday on the lawn at Golden Road Brewery (5410 West San Fernando Road, Los Angeles, CA 90039) After you get your bend on, enjoy some booze with your lovely community of yogis & beer aficionados!