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CANDLELIGHT FLOW End your day in a mellow way. With a dimly lit room, mellow tunes, and grounded poses, Candlelight Flow will help you unwind, refresh and relax. Great for all levels.

FLOW & RESTORE Half Vinyasa Flow, Half Yin/Restorative you will build some heat to open up the tissues of the body so you can go deep with yin & restorative poses. You will leave feeling relaxed & refreshed! Suitable for all yogis!

STRENGHTEN & ALIGN This class blends classic vinyasa flow with the slower paced, sometimes longer holds that you would find in a traditional hatha yoga class. Taking time to get in and out of poses with mindfulness, and step-by-step articulation of alignment, breath and awareness. Suitable for all levels!

MIXED-LEVEL FLOW Be prepared to move in this fun multi-level class that is great for all yogis looking for a challenge. Our instructors will keep you safe by teaching you proper alignment as you explore your practice. This class will offer modifications for all levels of yogis looking to be challenged and of course, have some fun!

RESTORATIVE/YIN + MEDITATION This class aims at learning how to go deeper, by doing less. By combining the deep meditative principals of Yin with the soothing benefits of restorative, this class is excellent for anyone new to yoga or with injuries, and it should go without saying that this class is also amazing for anyone and everyone looking to start off their week mindfully and with a deep sense of relaxation.

THREE PEAT is a new concept created by Jewel City ourselves!! This takes a yogic approach to a body weight conditioning class and is designed to get you moving while building stability for the long haul. 30 min legs & bum, 30 min arms & upper body, 30 min core & cool down.
Come to one, two or all three.

BUTI YOGA is a sweaty 60 min class that blends yoga, primal movement, tribal dance and deep core engagement. This is a feel good workout bursting with wild feminine energy and groovy tunes. 


BENDS & BOOZE Enjoy FREE Yoga every Sunday on the lawn at Golden Road Brewery (5410 West San Fernando Road, Los Angeles, CA 90039) After you get your bend on, enjoy some booze with your lovely community of yogis & beer aficionados!