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Holistic Nutrition Consulting

At Jewel City, we believe that proper nutrition is equally important, if not, more critical than exercise in your journey to achieve optimum health and fitness. The food you eat and the lifestyle decisions you make are fundamental steps to your success.


Making decisions about what to eat for dinner, finding the time to cook, easing stress, and cutting down on sugar may sound difficult—but they really don’t have to be. Our resident nutritional coach, Ashley Neese will work with clients on these things and much more, creating individualized dietary and lifestyle plans to meet each of their unique wants and needs.


During your hour long private sessions we tailor a plan to fit your specific goals. We will examine your current situation, make healthy improvements to your diet, remove obstacles standing in the way of you feeling balanced, redefine your relationship to food and eating, and keep you on track to meeting your goals—with encouragement and support, of course. We will also identify the tools you need to improve your diet and explore any obstacles that are currently in the way of achieving optimal health. You will leave each session with simple action steps so that you can get started right away. Between sessions, Ahsley will also be available by email to support your process.



Depending on your goals and needs, sessions include:


  • Meal planning assistance
  • Dietary recommendations
  • Recipe handouts
  • Suggestions for quick meals
  • Nutrition education
  • Tips for mindful eating
  • Optimal foods for specific health issues
  • Lifestyle suggestions

You’ll learn how to make educated decisions about what to eat, whip up quick and nutritious meals, and will walk away with a collection of practical tools to use on your holistic journey, wherever it may take you.


Better yet, you’ll rid yourself of  unhealthy habits, excess weight, stress, and will gain more awareness, energy, and love for yourself.


Click here to schedule your free 10-15min phone consultation and speak with Ashley about our Holistic Nutrition Consulting Program.